Taksim ( Taxim ) Square Map

Taksim Square (Turkish: Taksim) is located in the European part of Istanbul, Turkey is a large commercial area, tourism and recreation is famous for its restaurants, shops and hotels. It ‘is considered the heart of modern Istanbul and is the location of Aniti Cumhuriyet (Republic Monument), which was built in 1928 and is remembered as the formation of the Turkish Republic.

Taksim is the main transportation hub and a popular destination for tourists and the native population of Istanbul. Istiklal Caddesi (Independence Avenue), a pedestrian shopping street, ends at this place, and a nostalgic tram runs from the square along the avenue, ending near the Tünel (1875), which is online at Metro second-oldest world after the London Underground (1863). Around Taksim Square, numerous travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, pubs and international chains of fast food restaurants like Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Subway and Burger King. It also has some of the biggest hotels in Istanbul, including the Intercontinental, The Ritz-Carlton and the Hotel Marmara.

Taksim is also a privileged place for public events such as parades, New Year celebrations and other gatherings.  Atatürk Cultural Center (Turkish: Atatürk Culture Merkezi), a multipurpose cultural center and opera house, also located on Taksim Square.

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